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Hotel Automation

A scheme of hotel automation solution using LONGO LPC-2 system
Hotel Automation


The objectives of hotel automation is to construct an integrated system and thus obtain uniformity of all components of automation and controlling:

  • Central supervisory system (HMI)
  • Hotel Information System (HIS)
  • Network communication
  • Controllers


The advantages of this solution are evident from the planning phase throughout the project realization up to the end use and maintenance:

  • simplified electrical project of automation
  • reduction of electrical installations
  • simplified system set-up
  • possibility of adaptation and upgrading
  • subsystem integration
  • centralized system overview
  • energy savings
  • integrated management and maintenance
  • reduction of spare parts
  • cost-effective solution and maintenance.


The solution is in automation of individual subsystems on the basis of compatible equipment and integration among subsystems themselves and with Human Machine Interface (HMI, HIS) via one of the communication networks.

Hotel automation can be divided into several inter-connected subsystems:

  • supervisory (reception room – HIS, supervisory room – HMI)
  • intelligent room
  • engine room for the preparation of the heating/cooling media
  • electro-energy part (transformer station, generators…)
  • public spaces (dinning halls, reception desk, casinos…)
  • outdoor planning (outdoor lighting, parking places…)
  • other (lifts, corridors and passages, swimming pools, recreational areas, entertainment facilities …)

Users and Guests Benefits

Hotel manager has a possibility of an overview and parameter setting, alarm and data monitoring or historical trend recording via central supervisory system. This gives him a possibility of influencing the most important factors of the hotel – the comfort and satisfaction of the guests as well as energy savings.

Equipment applied

Hotel room MC8