Smarteh presents the latest Graphical Operation Terminal LPC-3.GOT.111


Smarteh presents the latest Graphical Operation Terminal LPC-3.GOT.111 with capacitive touch screen designed to control various control functions in hotel room or other building premises.

The guest comfort and quality services is of vital importance of any hotelier or other building manager.
Guest expects optimal comfort conditions, particularly in their rooms, where comfort is personalized.

With LPC-3.GOT.111 user can control several room functions with just a touch of a screen on the intuitive user-friendly interface.
With selection of corresponding room scene and menu language the room becomes friendly and makes stay pleasant.
With this benefits guests will quickly feel like home and keep coming back.


LPC-3.GOT.111 is equipped with Ethernet connection and can be used as a Modbus TCP/IP Master and/or Slave device. USB port is used for local programming and debugging.
Over TCP/IP, programming and debugging is possible via LAN (inside building) or even via WAN network (remotely over internet).
LPC-3.GOT.111 also includes two CAN bus for CANopen protocol and RS-485 bus for Modbus RTU master protocol, used e.g. for local or remote connection to other LPC PLCs.
Integrated ''Setting Storage FLASH'', "RTC" and "NV RAM", does not need the battery for it is functioning. There is also a built-in buzzer which can be controlled through PLC program.
LPC-3.GOT.111 has on-board peripherals, such as temperature measurement and ambient light measurement, which gives this terminal extra value and possibilities of use.

By integration with in Building Management System (BMS) gives a building operator and property staff complete overview and control over room statuses and energy consumption.

Bellow we listed only some of the features and advantages of our LPC-3.GOT.111:
➢ Graphical user interface and functionality can be freely designed in our free of charge programming tool Smarteh IDE 5.3.
This means that screen pictures, control and status objects can be easily designed to match individual high end design and functional requirements according to the project needs.
➢ Controlling of air-conditioning, lighting, room statuses and curtains/shades can be managed from one room control panel without need of various distributed switch panels and thermostats.
➢ Multi-screen display system enables a large selection of room functions and graphical interfaces.
➢ With integrated Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) functionality the system operator or support team have remote access to room control panel,
offering the end user support, troubleshooting and application transfer from dislocated office.
➢ Multi language menu presents to the guest comfortable and pleasant environment.
➢ Data of room control panels can be easily synchronized between them or among other room panels E.g. bedside panels and thermostats.
➢ Room control panels can be managed through Building Management System (BMS) and further on with data exchanging with other property management systems E.g. Hotel Management System (HMS),
achieving easy operation, energy saving, low-cost maintenance and fast reaction before a guest even notices a malfunction.

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LPC-3.GOT.111 User manual can be found on the following webpage:[2].pdf


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