NEW Integrated Development Environment Smarteh IDE 5.3


Smarteh released new Smarteh IDE 5.3 Integrated Development Environment which is completely free of charge with new features.

Smarteh IDE 5.3 was designed as an update of the previous version and it is dedicated for composing, programming, graphical interface editing and debugging of our new products LPC-2.MC9 (Main control unit) and LPC-3.GOT (Graphical Operation Terminal) product family with integrated PLC functionality.

With Smarteh IDE 5.3. our new LPC-2.MC9 or LPC-3.GOT products do not need to be physically connected with PC by using the USB cable for programming, but they can be also programmed using Ethernet connection in local network (LAN) or remotely from dislocated office.

This option allows the system operator or support team remote access to controller or touch panel, offering the end user support, troubleshooting and application transfer without the physical presence of the LPC-2.MC9 or LPC-3.GOT product, but only by product connected in network via Ethernet connection.

Smarteh IDE software enhances designing and configuration process even further by the use of graphical user interface (GUI) where actual modules are shown and the corresponding physical connections and variables are visualized.  With GUI editor in Smarteh IDE the user can freely design or insert desirable graphical templates or control elements, pictures/logos, symbols and much more.

Download Smarteh IDE 5.3 from our website for free:


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